Smart Applications Group

Who We Are

Smart Applications International Ltd is a leading African ICT company that provides world-class technological solutions

What We Do

Fondly known as Smart within the industry, the company was founded to provide innovative, secure, and high-tech solutions in Africa, the Islands, and beyond. Staying ahead through constant research and innovation.
We offer solutions that are secure, relevant, and convenient.

Our Mission

We create Convenience.
We make access to healthcare services easier and faster for everyone

Our Vision

To Transform healthcare delivery through innovative digital solutions

Core Values

  • We Ignite Innovation
  • We Pursue Excellence
  • We Value Integrity


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Board of Directors


Position: Board Chairman
Categories: Board

Andrew Mukite Musangi obtained his Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Degree from the University of Hull (UK) in 1993 was admitted to the Bar in Kenya in 1995. He has been actively engaged in legal practice for the last 26 years.

Mukite is a seasoned legal practitioner focused mainly on corporate and commercial law. His practice areas include Mergers and Acquisitions, Debt Recovery and Restructuring; Securities, Insurance litigation; Employment and Labour law; Commercial Arbitration; Intellectual Property
(with emphasis on Anti-counterfeit matters); Public Procurement; Public Private Partnerships; Conveyancing and Company law.
Mukite has extensive corporate experience having served as a strategic adviser to several corporate clients both local and multi-national. He is the Chairman of the Central Bank of Kenya.

He is also the Chairman of Board of Directors at Gen-Africa Asset Management. He also serves as the Chairman of Smart Application International limited and Board Member Centum Investment Company PLC and also a Board Member at Haco Company Limited.
He also has extensive experience in property and land matters and has represented various high- profile clients with extensive land holdings in the region.


Board Chairman


Position: Board Member
Categories: Board

Mary-Ann is a highly experienced General Manager who has demonstrated the ability to lead diverse teams of professionals to new levels of success in a variety of highly competitive industries, cutting-edge African markets, and fast-paced environments. Her experience spans across advertising, pharmaceuticals, banking, hospitality and FMCG Industries. She has strong technical and business qualifications with an impressive track record of more than 25 years of hands-on experience in strategic planning and business development. She has proven ability to successfully analyze an organization’s critical business requirements, identify deficiencies and potential opportunities, and develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for enhancing brand equity, increasing revenues, and improving customer service offerings.

2019 marked her first year at the helm of HACO Industries. Following the change of HACO’s business structure at the end of 2018, the next 2-3 years has been a period of transformation with clear strategic focus on the Personal & Home Care categories with the brands AMARA, MIADI, ASHANTI-Q, SO SOFT, ACE, SPARKLE and HACO PLASTICS (Rulers & Pegs). Innovation, manufacturing & distribution of high-quality products remain at the core of the business and are anchored by her engagement and connection with consumers at every opportune moment.

A key focus area of her’s is to build a sustainable business model where HACO Industries actively sources raw materials from Africa. These include natural oils and ingredients for HACO’s Hair & Personal Care brands. HACO partners with local communities to foster long term relationships towards building a vibrant value chain that spurs economic growth.

Mary-Ann’s belief is that HACO Industries shall realize the ambitions she has set out to conquer and together with her team she is looking forward to sprinting this race. She currently sits in several boards including Kenya Association of Manufacturers, Sidian Bank, Smart Applications, International Life House and Capital Group. She is also in the board of trustees for Gender and Violence Recovery Centre.


Board Member


Position: Group Managing Director
Categories: Board

Harrison Muiru is the Group Managing Director of Smart Applications International Ltd, a secure ICT services provider in East Africa with offices in Kenya, Uganda, Somaliland, South Sudan, Rwanda and Zambia.

Having worked with Smart Applications over the last 14 years, Harrison has played different key roles from inception in establishing the revolutionary Smart Automated Medical Scheme Management Solution using biometrically controlled smart cards serving over 1 Million customers in over 6 countries as at February 2019.

The Smart solution has delivered full digitization of access to healthcare in Kenya and is a first of its kind integrated fraud prevention, patient management, claims automation, healthcare insurance administration and healthcare data exchange platform in the African healthcare administration and management value chain. Through this achievement under his leadership, Smart Applications was the first African company to be awarded the Oracle Independent Software Vendor Partner of the year in EMEA in 2016.

With respect to education, Harrison holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology and is a member of the Strathmore Business School Executive MBA Program. Harrison’s passion is in inclusive secure technology and its impact in delivering reach and value in various essential services and in turn spurring growth in the economy and Africa as a whole.


Group Managing Director


Position: Board member
Categories: Board


Board member


Position: Board Member
Categories: Board


Board Member

Executive Committee

Isaiah Mosiori

Position: Chief Operations Officer
Categories: Leadership

Isaiah shines as a beacon of operational prowess and strategic leadership at Smart Applications International Ltd. With over a decade of experience, he has consistently propelled the company to unprecedented heights.

From a Regional Support Officer in 2008, Isaiah swiftly ascended to Chief Service Officer by October 2012. Orchestrating seamless business operations, he expanded the Company Client Installations’ network across Africa. His astute approach ensured high-quality customer service and adherence to stringent SLAs. His management reports guided cost-effective processes and optimal resource use.

Isaiah’s leadership journey took another significant leap when he assumed the role of Chief Operations Officer in January 2016. As Chief Operations Officer his impact is profound. He mapped and implemented operational processes that boosted profit margins. His leadership elevated service delivery, teamwork, and innovation. With a forte in customer engagement, he ensured excellence in product and service delivery. His cross-functional expertise enhanced communication and teamwork. Isaiah’s journey exemplifies visionary leadership, shaping businesses and inspiring peers.

Isaiah’s academic journey commenced at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science. His foundation in technology laid the groundwork for his remarkable journey of leadership.

In every chapter of his professional journey, Isaiah Mosiori exuded leadership, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. From spearheading seamless operations and customer-centric approaches to driving innovation and process efficiency, Isaiah’s story is one of a visionary leader who continues to shape the course of businesses and inspire his peers.


Isaiah Mosiori

Chief Operations Officer

Esther kiringa

Position: Group Sales & Marketing Director
Categories: Leadership

Esther serves as the Group Sales & Marketing Director, In her tenure at Smart Applications, Esther has exhibited a remarkable journey marked by multifaceted contributions. She has been a pivotal force in shaping the revolutionary Smart Automated Medical Scheme Management Solution, which has effectively extended its transformative influence on over 1.6 million customers across more than 11 countries in Africa. Her unwavering passion and dedication have been instrumental in enhancing healthcare access and efficiency on a significant scale.

Esther is emblematic of a performance-driven professional, consistently achieving high benchmarks in her pursuits. Her adeptness in Marketing is a testament to her exceptional competence, with a cumulative experience that spans over 9 years in marketing. As a visionary strategist, she spearheads the development of innovative marketing initiatives that seamlessly align with corporate strategy while capitalizing on growth opportunities.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Esther’s passion resonates deeply with the realm of inclusive secure technologies. She envisions their transformative potential in delivering widespread reach and substantial value across Africa, particularly within essential services. Her acute understanding of the synergy between technology and marketing drives her to explore innovative avenues that not only facilitate growth within the economy but also contribute to the advancement of Africa as a whole. As an invaluable asset, she continues to drive the company’s mission forward while contributing meaningfully to the broader landscape of marketing, technology, and growth in Africa.

Education-wise, Esther’s academic portfolio reflects her commitment to growth through continuous learning and development. Her academic achievements include a master’s degree from the University of Nairobi- an M.A. in Communication. Furthermore, she possesses a B.A. in Information Technology, an indication of her versatile expertise. Notably, she has further honed her professional acumen through training in Project Management Professional (PMP) and has actively participated in an array of leadership courses at the Strathmore Business School and the esteemed Nanyang University in Singapore. Esther is a full member of the Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK) and the Strathmore Business School (SBS).

When she is not working, Esther enjoys travel, and dancing and has a keen eye for fashion and style. She has also co-authored a book ‘She Leads’ on Women’s Leadership.

Esther kiringa

Group Sales & Marketing Director

Mary Murigah

Position: Group Human Resources Director
Categories: Leadership

An accomplished HR professional seamlessly blending business acumen with extensive expertise in corporate and people strategy. Her journey at Smart began in 2019 when she joined as the HR Director, swiftly ascending to the esteemed role of Group Human Resources Director. She has a passion for “success through others”. She views personal success as merely an achievement but, helping others succeed, as a genuine accomplishment. Mary’s servant leadership style which has seen her take up key leadership positions in multi-national organizations and Boards is founded on coaching competencies.

Her professional experience extends across an array of industries including; Manufacturing, Communications & Media, E-commerce, Property Development, Mining and ICT. She has extensive international experience having profitably cultivated business relationships both locally and internationally.

Mary holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from UoN, Business Science degree – Finance option from the University of Wales and a licensed HR Professional Certification from the Institute of Human Resource Management. She is a certified coach by International Coaching Federation (ICF) USA, accredited Business partner of Clarity 4D people & teams development program and a Master Scancoach certified from the Netherlands.

Mary values results, hard work, creativity, honesty, diversity, autonomy, fairness & inclusion. She is solution oriented making a swift problem solver. She has, a passion for nurturing talent through coaching and collaborative performance management, the ability to influence culture, and a creative mind to build unforgettable employee experiences. Mary has a personal and intentional approach to everyone who comes through her hands.

Mary loves to travel and engage in conversations. She enjoys the journey of understanding people and is most thrilled by nature. She is passionate about empowering the young generation and women by connecting their needs to resources.

Mary Murigah

Group Human Resources Director

Collins Ngeno

Position: Group Technology Director
Categories: Leadership

Collins is an accomplished C-Level Executive renowned for his self-motivation and results-driven approach across diverse industries. With a remarkable history of leadership and management success, Collins has consistently championed operational excellence, organizational growth, and profitability. He’s a driving force in banking, insurance, healthcare, and technology sectors, and currently serves as the Group Technology Director at Smart Applications International.

In his current role as Group Technology Director, Collins holds the reins of the company’s technical operations. Collaborating with a team of skilled engineers, he ensures seamless operations while continuously seeking opportunities to optimize and innovate the company’s technology infrastructure. His leadership empowers teams to perform at their best, fostering a culture of excellence that drives technological advancement.

Collins’s pursuit of academic excellence is equally inspiring he is currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy – PhD, Computer Science from Strathmore University he holds a Bachelor of Science, Mathematics and Computer Science from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, a Master of Science, Information Systems from University of Nairobi and a Master of Business Administration – MBA, Finance from University of Leicester

Beyond his impressive professional journey and academic achievements, Collins’s passion for leveraging technology for societal betterment continues to drive his endeavors. With a vision that transcends industries, he is shaping the future by blending leadership, technology, and innovation.

In the narrative of Collins Ngeno, the lines between personal aspiration and professional excellence blur as he forges ahead, spearheading transformation and pioneering technological advancement.


Collins Ngeno

Group Technology Director

Purity Njagi

Position: Head of Product Delivery and Support
Categories: Leadership

As an experienced IT leader with over a decade of valuable experience, Purity has been at the core of successful technology projects. She carries her dedication into every project and team she leads, ensuring that all solutions are top-notch, innovations remain genuine, and efficiency is consistently maintained.

Purity’s journey began as a Customer Service Manager at Smart Uganda, and she gradually evolved into an influential figure within her field. This progression has brought her to her current role as the Head of Project Delivery & Support, a clear testament to her exceptional leadership.

In her current capacity, she played a pivotal role in establishing a project governance structure that provides guidance on how the organization handles projects. Purity strongly believes that effective project management is a crucial aspect for any business striving to deliver high-quality products to the market. She takes pride in delivering cutting-edge ICT solutions with a personalized approach.

Purity’s educational achievements are noteworthy. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business information technology from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. Building on this foundation, she also holds a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) with a specialization in Strategic Management from Mount Kenya University.


Purity Njagi

Head of Product Delivery and Support

Esther Macharia

Position: Head of Hospital Operations
Categories: Leadership

A seasoned business and ICT leader with over 15 years of experience in both the healthcare and ICT industries, Esther holds a pivotal role as the Head of Hospital Operations. In her role, Esther orchestrates a dynamic team, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration.

Her passion lies in empowering healthcare facilities with the knowledge of available solutions that can revolutionise their operations. Through her exceptional relationship and understanding of healthcare service providers and her proactive approach, she ensures that they are well informed about the transformative technologies at their disposal.

As the Head of Hospital Operations, Esther’s leadership, industry knowledge, and passion come together to create a transformative impact, enriching the healthcare landscape and paving the way for a more efficient and patient-centric future.

In the realm of education, Esther is currently pursuing an MBA at the University of Nairobi. She takes pride in her Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. Esther’s academic background is further enriched by a diverse selection of business and leadership courses, adding depth and breadth to her multifaceted expertise.

With an unwavering commitment to professional growth, Esther has consistently sought out opportunities to expand her knowledge and skills. Her ongoing pursuit of education underscores her dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends and best practices. This continuous learning approach exemplifies her proactive approach to leadership and her desire to bring cutting-edge insights to the forefront of her role as the Head of Hospital Operations.

Beyond her academic achievements, Esther’s dedication to advancing healthcare through technology-driven solutions is truly commendable. Her passion for creating positive change in the industry is evident in both her educational pursuits and her impactful contributions to our company and its mission.


Esther Macharia

Head of Hospital Operations

Judy Mugoya

Position: Regional Countries Representative
Categories: Leadership

Mugoya has cultivated a multifaceted profile that spans various domains. Armed with a Master’s degree in Management Science, her educational foundation is fortified by a keen interest in Business Management intricately intertwined with the ever-evolving landscape of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Her current role as the Country Manager at Smart Applications International (Uganda) Ltd. exemplifies her strategic leadership acumen. Drawing on a dynamic career trajectory that stretches over 8 years of dedicated involvement in the ICT-health sector synergy and more than a decade’s experience within the healthcare industry, Judy exudes a comprehensive understanding of the nuanced intersection between technology and healthcare.

Beyond her managerial prowess, Judy Mugoya’s engagement reaches even broader horizons. She is an instrumental figure in the healthcare landscape, serving as the Vice Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Uganda Healthcare Federation. This esteemed role underscores her commitment to fostering collaboration and driving impactful change within the healthcare ecosystem.

A trailblazer in championing technological advancements within healthcare, Judy spearheads the E-Health Hub, an initiative dedicated to propelling the interests of technology partners operating in the health sector. Her proactive involvement in this endeavor attests to her vision for a digitally empowered healthcare environment that enhances patient outcomes, streamlines operations, and paves the way for innovation-driven progress.


Judy Mugoya

Regional Countries Representative

Oliver Mwita

Position: Chief Finance Officer
Categories: Leadership

He is an accomplished executive and initiative-driven Finance leader with a proven track record of performance turnaround and effective management of Finance Departments in a cross-section of Companies.

He is a Certified Public Accountant with over 25 years of progressive experience working with Multinational and Local Companies. He brings extensive Leadership experience in setting up finance departments, developing short- and long-term business and finance strategies, maintaining operating budgets, ensuring adequate cash flow, monitoring financial activities, process improvements to determine risks, monitoring expenditure, cost reduction, and increasing revenue growth while ensuring high operational efficiency. He has successfully set up finance departments in Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique DRC, Cameroon, and Uganda.

He prides himself in being a challenging and versatile leader who builds effective teams and creates a holistic working environment to enable the development of the people that he serves. He is a highly capable change – agent who consistently refines and revitalizes strategies, initiates change, and facilitates solutions-driven team collaboration.

He brings a wealth of experience in leadership, strategy formulation and execution, commercial and financial analysis, management information systems, and company restructuring and re-engineering.

He is proficient in leading and managing cross-cultural teams and managing multiple projects. He has been recognized at DHL where he won the Finance Excellence Award for Sub-Saharan Africa and was a finalist in the 2017 DHL Express Global CEO awards.

Aside from this, he is a great communicator who values work ethic and integrity. He is always seeking to serve and formulate policies, and strategies, and make key decisions in ensuring continual growth.

Oliver Mwita

Chief Finance Officer


Cleophus Obiero

Position: Country Manager
Categories: Country Manager

Cleophas Obiero-Country Manager

Cleophas is a seasoned Business Leader with an extensive background in Business Management, Global Leadership, Customer Experience, and Business Development within the dynamic realm of the Information Technology and Services Sector. With over 15 years of experience, he brings a wealth of expertise and a proven track record of driving growth and innovation.

His journey at Smart has been a testament to dedication and impact. Commencing as an operations manager, Cleophas has risen to the esteemed position of Country Operations Manager for Smart Rwanda. With a profound understanding of Eastern Africa cultivated through roles in Kenya and leadership in Smart Rwanda, he has played a pivotal role in establishing subsidiaries in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi. His expertise spans Business Development, Management, Support Services, General Management, Project Management, and P&L Accountability, making him a driving force within our team.

Cleophas’s educational journey comprises a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Business Information & Communication Technology and a Master of Business Administration, both earned from Mount Kenya University (MKU).

His peers consistently regard him as a dependable resource for tackling challenging projects. His penchant for complete ownership of assigned tasks has garnered the confidence of management, consistently surpassing expectations.

Driven by an enthusiasm for learning and connecting with new individuals, Cleophas welcomes new opportunities.


Cleophus Obiero

Country Manager