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Current Situation

In the absence of Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) in hospitals, there is a critical lack of streamlined data management, leading to fragmented health records, inefficient resource allocation, compromised patient safety, and hindered decision-making processes within the healthcare sector.


Our Solution

SmartHealth+ is a comprehensive Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) that optimises resources, streamlines operations, and improves patient experience in healthcare facilities. The system's user-friendly interface, advanced analytics, and robust reporting capabilities enable healthcare providers to make informed decisions for improved patient outcomes and better healthcare management. SmartHealth+ enhances the patient experience, improves operational efficiency, and delivers higher-quality care.

Explore Smarthealth+



SmartHealth+ adapts to hardware capabilities and accommodates an unlimited number of users and database connections. This provides flexibility to scale the operations as the organization grows.



SmartHealth+ offers a fully customisable healthcare management system that addresses the unique needs and requirements of every healthcare organisation. It provides a variety of modules designed to meet the demands of modern healthcare.



SmartHealth+ provides connectivity to existing software and system infrastructure with ease to create a seamless user experience. We offer a dedicated support team to ensure the processes are achieved within remarkable timelines.

Key Features and Benefits


Digital Patient Management

Improve patient management with features like digital records, biometric registration, queue management, and more.



Analytical Dashboards

Access operational, clinical, stock inventory, and financial dashboards for better decision-making.


Digital Resource Planning

Optimise doctor consultation hours, streamline referrals, and manage diagnoses.


Digital Billing

Simplify billing for cash and insurance patients, wholesale clients, and more.


Automated Report Generation

Generate a variety of reports for analysis and planning.


SmartHealth+ Impact

The SmartHealth+ solution is being used by facilities across the region for the provision of efficient medical services in a simplified, convenient, reliable, and secure way. Our solution has led to an increased Turn Around Time (TAT) from 45 minutes on average to 15 minutes for Smart ready facilities, this is seen as a step in the right direction when it comes to getting back some of the time healthcare professionals have been losing.