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Smart Access App

Smart Access App is here, to download go to the Google Playstore or Apple Store & download the Smart Access App

Virtual is Here

Smart Access Application

The Smart Access App is the latest world-class solution from Smart Applications international, the App is a virtual mode of medical access, aimed at enhancing patient experience, providing health on the go, and providing instant onboarding support to medical insurers, for enhanced provider transparency in healthcare administration.
The Smart Access App encompasses the insured member & the dependents, the scheme administrator & the medical service provider. The Smart Access App offers visibility on the medical cover as well as infinite possibilities where covered members can access services on the go without a card.

How to go virtual

App Download
  1. Go to Google Play or App Store
  2. Search for Smart Access
  3. Download and install the app
    on your device
Self Registration
  1. Register using your phone
    number or email
  2. You will receive an OTP on SMS and email
  3. Use the OTP to register
  4. Fill in your password
  5. Fill in your personal details
Member Code Registration
  1. You will receive a code message for registrations from Smart Access if you are already a card holder.
  2. Use the code to register
  3. You will receive an OTP both on SMS and email
  4. Enter your password
  5. Your details will auto-populate
  6. Agree on the terms and conditions to activate registration of Account and access the app.
How to Link Cover Account
  1. Accounts registered with the member code will automatically get linked on the App landing page.
  2. For accounts using self-registration the setup is as follows:


  1. Fill in your country of residence, phonenumber, ID number, email and press the link account.
  2. Fill in your country, insurer, member
    number, ID number and click 'request'
    and you are ready to use.
Hospital Visit Activation
  1. Click on Initiate Visit on the Smart Access App,a Visit Code is displayed on the screen and as well sent on SMS or Email.
  2. Biller or hospital attendant inputs the code to get member details on the Smart System.
  3. For a new member, the Smart System prompts for the member to register fingerprints upon which 2 fingers are captured.
  4. The Smart Systems opens the member benefits and the billing processes is done seamlessly. Authentication is by use
    of fingerprint.

Why Smart Access?

Smart Access Benefits

Smart Access enables fast and easy member identification for seamless service delivery.
Smart Access eliminates the need to have cumbersome member lists at the provider and member update letters through the accurate and secure biometric (fingerprint) identification process.
The improved patient process translates to increased patient volume and faster hassle-free settlement of bills.
Instant Onboarding – onboarding is done instantly and no waiting for a physical card to be processed.
Guaranteed knowledge that only bona fide members & dependents can and are accessing provided medical cover.
Management dashboards for Medical Scheme Performance – This will also inform the wellness programs to be championed by the HR or Wellness Manager.
Cross border servicing/Roaming - This service allows medical covers to be managed through the Smart solution across Africa with access to services in medical facilities installed with the Smart system.
Easy, fast and timely access to up-to-date medical scheme utilization information through electronic data provided through the Smart system.
Benefit Management at point of service - The Smart system allows costs of services received to be deducted from the member’s benefits as programmed on the member’s account.
Online Preauthorization – The digitization of the pre-authorization process will enable the entire process to run online and on a real-time basis with notifications to the scheme administrator, member, and hospital levels. Reduced expenditure and therefore savings provided that the Smart system use has been enforced and used effectively.

Check Utilization -Members will be able to check their utilization from the app.

Check family members - Members will be able to check the family members who are covered within the family.

Check Status – Members will be able to check and confirm whether they are active or not.

Manage multiple medical covers – members can have visibility of more than one medical cover on the same app with Virtual Access. This is to optimize the experience.

Access to various topics of interest – This will provide the member with the latest information on areas of interest like wellness.

Check Renewal Status – Members will be able to check whether their cover is renewed (This is upon expiry of the scheme).

Geo Locate Provider –This is to allow members Geo-locate the provider location as well as provide guidance on how to get there through google map.

This is a new digital APP by Smart Applications International that allows you to access healthcare services on the go! Access healthcare articles, initiate a hospital visit, geo-locate hospitals near you, and so much more!

Members already with biometric smart cards will continue to access healthcare services using the cards seamlessly.

The process of fingerprint registration has not changed. This remains as has been where fingerprints are registered at the first point of accessing service.
With SmartAccess, there will be a One Time Pin (OTP) validation that has been added to provide extra security as two-factor authentication.

The SmartAccess App is available on the play store and Appstore.
Upon searching with the name “SmartAccess” the app icon will appear as this:

Smart Access App